I was kicked back just going with the flow. I thought that I’d turn on my old radio.
I got a shock, it was such a blow.
I didn’t know that this planet had sunk so low.
They said, ooh wee baby want a flake romance.
First lets do this funky little dance
ooh wee baby won’t you give me a chance to do a stomp down funky kow vibratory dance!
Adam and Eve were sitting on a rock, must’ve been the first local hot spot.
Snake the fake put them in a trance doing a stomp down funky kow vibratory dance!
They say the truth will make you free. It worked better than bad breath for me.
I said sex ain’t evil I know it’s true, but why brag about something any dog can do!
A friend of mine came in and said I found the Lord, selling tickets to heaven out in the front yard.
I said be sure to buy you a round trip packet and please leave me that new tennis racket!
I’m the one some other cat said. I can heal the sick, I can raise the dead.
I was sent to this planet to make rivers run read and I feel led to take the politicians’ head!
One group came up with a hard lump to swallow. Sell your farm and your kids, it’s us you should follow!
give up the deed, we got all you need, and we’ll send you to heaven by the way of colorado!
Many will appear and blow your mind. Proclaiming to be sent straight from the divine,
but God’s great love is the only key!
And that’s how he said my sheep know me!
This is the end, so don’t be fooled my friends, we know that the kingdom is found within!
Beware of the man who will save your sins, as he hands you a contract and a papermate pen!
Welcome to the kingdom, welcome everyone. Welcome to the kingdom whether you are a banker, baker or bum!
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