Attention Young Artist & Fans World Wide!
Tuesday, Jul 21 @ 11:07 AM
I am so suprised about the fact that I bought a guitar when I was 30 and successfully performed at a private party for Cat Stevens/Jusuf Islam when I was 31 has completely gone unnoticed by those aspiring to be artist! Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer, CAT STEVENS/ JUSUF ISLAM told me that I had something to say! That means that I was spitting knowledge about life and was powered by the Life Force!
The first time I shared the dressing room with Muddy Waters, I asked him a hundred questions! Where are the people doing artist development and why are they not informing their young artist about me and others weho have performed for 40 years and know what the hell is up?
It is about the fact that we will not continue to create true art until we teach artist how to tap more of their full brain-mind-heart potential!
For me to have the confidence to have only played for about a year and then perfoRm in front of an Icon who performed for 20,000 people the night before, means that somewhere at sometime in the imagined past, someone taught me something about real self confidence which has nothing to do with EGO! The challenge of the young artist who seems to not have a clue as to who Pythagoras was and why he created music is that one must learn who they are in order to be authentic!
Where are the students! Where are the people who desire to know as opposed to pretending to know! I have not just survived on stage for 40 years,I have thrived on stage for 40 years because my music comes from the heart! All true art comes from the heart not from some slick dip shit quip you heard down at the club or hanging out with your posse! And let me say this about your Posse! If you are the smartest person in your Posse you are going down! I have Millionaires, PHD’s and Physicists and authors in my posse! Most of them know more than I do about a lot! All real art is about experience! When I -Wrote the Ex-Girlfreind Reunion with Doris Barrett, this was about a life experience! She said, “I hate your concerts!” I replied a little shocked, ” I thought that you liked my music!” She replied , I love your music but I hate your (*&^^%%$$#@ Concerts!
Of course I had to ask,”But Why?” Doris,”They look like Ex-girlfriend Reunions! I replied “That’s because I am a good guy!” Doris replied, “How can a good guy have so many exgirlfriends?” I replied, “If I was a mean person who abused you, would you come to concerts later and hear me perform and pay money at the door which you knew was going into my pocket?” Doris” *&^%$#@ NO!” Me,” I rest my case! They did me wrong, I forgave them and now we are friends! And then we wrote the song which the world will soon know about. It is because there was a powerful life experience behind the words! There is all of this energy and synergy which supports the story!
Case in point, why aren’t new young artist buying me coffee and learning this stuff? Where the hell is art going if it has no roots and the roots which do exists are being denegrated to some dive on some back street! You know that that is where all of the art is truly happening anyway! Lets start a movement to put the unsong heroes in front of young artist so that they can stop making shit up and get it together!
Here is a word for all those Rebels woithout a clue!
You have to move beyond the Beta Brain Wave Frequency to write Heart felt song! In other words, and here it comes again, you have to escape the Matrix in order to write a great song! What is the Matrix! The Matrix is the Ego Driven Beta Brain Wave Frequency in which a person allows their environment to tell them who they are! TRINITY TOLD NEO THAT THE MATRIX CANNOT TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE!
I repeat this message when I speak at prisons.
You Cannot Allow Your Environment To Tell You Who You Are!