Still Helping Those Who Are Banned From The Market Place by The New Jim Crow

Still Helping Those Banned From The Market Place By The New Jim Crow!
teaching the formerly incarcerated how to re-enter the market place with my anti-aging, performance enhancement product from A duke Biochemist/MD Alumni!!
Still have more Chinese MDs eating the product than African American MDs.

You all know that Coach K is not aging very rapidly. Stop Tripping! Why isn’t my community researching the science behind anti-aging? Have our churches taught us to prepare to die instead of prepairing to live for so long that death is embraced inside our DNA?

I’ve got a bunch of friends ,who are still in the Matrix, with ailing parents who have not given my 140 IQ, the, the Olympic Committee findings or the thousand testimonials a second thought!
I am receiving more support from outside of my community than from inside my community, which is weird!

As I said before, I offer something that these young entrepreneurs can sell to an undercover police offices and still have a nice day!

Demonstrations and carrying signs is a great first step! Then we need to pull ourselves up by our Nasdaq Traded boot straps and stop saying and start doing!

Use my ideas, come up with a better one North Carolina!

The don’t have to learn marketing, they got that! They simply send this ABC Prime Time Report video out to prospective customers! 100 people have spoken on youtube about how it seems to help with Dementia, ADD, not to mention making athletes run faster!

Has anyone read Orthomolecular Psychology by Dr. David Hawkins or Power VS Force by the same author?!

At 71 years of age, I’m not going quietly into that night! Contacted the Urban League in 20 cities and got no response! Not even a hell no I’m just talking smack, I don’t really want to help, I just want to be heard so that I sound and look good!

Or hell no because I went to college longer than you and have more money than you so you cannot possibly know something that would be important to me!

Meet Someone Different-News & Observer- By Dan Holly

Meet Someone Different-News & Observer News- by Dan Holly
Just when you think North Raleigh is predictable, along comes William D. Burton. When you walk into the Starbucks at Pleasant Valley Promenade shopping center and see this older African American strumming a guitar, you expect, perhaps, blues (though he hardly looks the 63 he admits being! Instead you get a song like,”thoughts” with lyrics like “If you let your mind wander any way you please, soon your thoughts will wander yonder and pretty soon you’ll sneeze. If you let your mind ponder on what you think you need, mental garden you will plunder by producing Need Weed Seeds.” His songs delve into politics and relationships along the lines of Tracy Chapman- but with a with more wit and playfulness! Told that his music conjures up Chapman, Burton chuckled'”It’s not that angry!” he said! He ocasionally lapses into the motivational speaker that he is; his day job is an Empowerment coach” for Inspire,Inc. a North Raleigh- based coaching and training agency! But describing Burton as a motivational coach by night hardly begins to capture his life! It is filled with diverse accomplishments and anecdotes that are a little far out. He said that he has lectured at more than 15 universities, helped lead workshops with Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup For The Soul series & The Secret and opened for Muddy Waters on the road. He’ll tell you about being plucked from the parking lot of a Grateful Dead Concert on new Years Eve at the Oakland Coliseum to be the opening act for Steven Stills, formerly of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young or playing at a private party for now Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductee Cat Stevens aka Jusuf Islam! Burton Seems to get the biggest kick telling the tale of how some middle-aged couples were listening to his music recently at Starbucks when a group of kids came in. The couples who were African American sat and listened while the kids, who were White, danced! “This is America!” Burton said with a wide grin on his face!

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Early Retirement For Artist and Athletes Boomers and Millenials!


Early Retirement For Retirement For Artist and Athletes

In an effort to get Artist and Athletes to think about retirement, I intend to inspire them to sell something other than their intellectual property! At 71 years of age, I may be the only Blues , Bio-Rhythm & Blues, Jazz & Funk, World Music, Spoken Word artist who still owns 100 % of his IP! For instance, I have owned my songs for more the 35 years! I now have a shot of getting a few in a play and a couple more in a movie! Why, because I maintiained ownership as opposed to selling ‘Put Your Hands In the Hands Of The Man Who Stilled The Waters.’ for $300 dollars! yes $300 dollars and the song earned untold millions! I leanred how to enter the market place with soemhting which people know they need and want, High Level Wellness and A Wealth Building Plan Of Action that works!

Sell something besides your intellectual property! I personally found a company which earned $9 Million in 2009 by teaching people to share one 9 minute video! In 2014 this publicly traded company paid out more than $92 Million to those working from home with this same company and that same video! Here is the video,

What I love about this company is that since it is publicly traded, everything is transparent. When they say they paid out $92 Million, this must be published and apparent and provable! ( Is that a woed?) I am grateful to Mr. John Quiones who first placed himself in the clinical trial studies for Protandim!

One non-profit Executive Director is earning more than $40,000 to support his Lifeskills Institute! One Asian MD/MBA Editor of a Science Journal and his wife are some of my long term customers! On friend just took the product to people suggering from the HIV Virus in Kenya!

Donny Osmond, Montel Williams, Sanjay Gupta MD, and the Gm Of the Baltimore Ravens seems to have liked this ABC Prime TIme Video!

Millenials and Boomers who need and desire to earn $$$$ with 40%-50% less stress will be intrigued! Students drowing in college debt may want to start using our money earning system before they graduate from college!

I have shared the acronym, UCPTI many times in my blogs! I represents ‘UNCONSCIOUS COMTEMPT PRIOR TO INVESTIGATION!” Many people remain poor or in ill health becuase they expect their overworked stressed out Doctor to do the research for them! Mistake! You can read what says abouyt Protandim or any other product! If the product isn’t mentioned in, it may not be a relevant cutting edge 21st century discovery! I am told that by 2016, science will double it’s discoveries every 11 hours! EVERY 11 HOURS! WOW!

My name is William D. Burton, some call me Rev. and I do not go to church, some call me Doctor and I have neither a PHD nor an MD! What I do have is a process where I learned how to communicate with a deeper part of my self! My process isn’t original. The Meditations, Affirmations and Visualizations of Jose Silva, Gerald O Donnel, Jesus ,Paramahansa Yogananda, The Creator of Tarnscendental Meditaion, Maharji, The Course In Miracles, and Power VS Force by Mr. David Hawkins and The Secret all tell similar stories! I used mine to write muscic and teach people how to tap the Powers of Their Subconscious Mind! As we move from Subconscious Mind Control To Soul Control we eventually find out that we are all in in Sole Controle!

Attention Artist Late, Bloomers & Baby Boomers

Attention Young Artist & Fans World Wide!
Tuesday, Jul 21 @ 11:07 AM
I am so suprised about the fact that I bought a guitar when I was 30 and successfully performed at a private party for Cat Stevens/Jusuf Islam when I was 31 has completely gone unnoticed by those aspiring to be artist! Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer, CAT STEVENS/ JUSUF ISLAM told me that I had something to say! That means that I was spitting knowledge about life and was powered by the Life Force!
The first time I shared the dressing room with Muddy Waters, I asked him a hundred questions! Where are the people doing artist development and why are they not informing their young artist about me and others weho have performed for 40 years and know what the hell is up?
It is about the fact that we will not continue to create true art until we teach artist how to tap more of their full brain-mind-heart potential!
For me to have the confidence to have only played for about a year and then perfoRm in front of an Icon who performed for 20,000 people the night before, means that somewhere at sometime in the imagined past, someone taught me something about real self confidence which has nothing to do with EGO! The challenge of the young artist who seems to not have a clue as to who Pythagoras was and why he created music is that one must learn who they are in order to be authentic!
Where are the students! Where are the people who desire to know as opposed to pretending to know! I have not just survived on stage for 40 years,I have thrived on stage for 40 years because my music comes from the heart! All true art comes from the heart not from some slick dip shit quip you heard down at the club or hanging out with your posse! And let me say this about your Posse! If you are the smartest person in your Posse you are going down! I have Millionaires, PHD’s and Physicists and authors in my posse! Most of them know more than I do about a lot! All real art is about experience! When I -Wrote the Ex-Girlfreind Reunion with Doris Barrett, this was about a life experience! She said, “I hate your concerts!” I replied a little shocked, ” I thought that you liked my music!” She replied , I love your music but I hate your (*&^^%%$$#@ Concerts!
Of course I had to ask,”But Why?” Doris,”They look like Ex-girlfriend Reunions! I replied “That’s because I am a good guy!” Doris replied, “How can a good guy have so many exgirlfriends?” I replied, “If I was a mean person who abused you, would you come to concerts later and hear me perform and pay money at the door which you knew was going into my pocket?” Doris” *&^%$#@ NO!” Me,” I rest my case! They did me wrong, I forgave them and now we are friends! And then we wrote the song which the world will soon know about. It is because there was a powerful life experience behind the words! There is all of this energy and synergy which supports the story!
Case in point, why aren’t new young artist buying me coffee and learning this stuff? Where the hell is art going if it has no roots and the roots which do exists are being denegrated to some dive on some back street! You know that that is where all of the art is truly happening anyway! Lets start a movement to put the unsong heroes in front of young artist so that they can stop making shit up and get it together!
Here is a word for all those Rebels woithout a clue!
You have to move beyond the Beta Brain Wave Frequency to write Heart felt song! In other words, and here it comes again, you have to escape the Matrix in order to write a great song! What is the Matrix! The Matrix is the Ego Driven Beta Brain Wave Frequency in which a person allows their environment to tell them who they are! TRINITY TOLD NEO THAT THE MATRIX CANNOT TELL YOU WHO YOU ARE!
I repeat this message when I speak at prisons.
You Cannot Allow Your Environment To Tell You Who You Are!

A 21st Century Break Through In Free Radical Biology Becomes A Means To Retirement Security For Boomers & Late Bloomers

For the past 5 years, I have systematically removed free radicals from my body with the use of a scientific breakthrough called Protandim!
Wikepedia does a great job of explaining the damage which free radical toxification can cause to the human body! Many feel that most diseases are common side affects of Free Radical toxification! MD’s and Wellness Practitioners will want to do their due dilligence with’s peer reviewed studies on Protandim!This ABC Prime Time Report, with John Quiones,is a great start!
Scientist and MD’s believe that free radicals may be the cause of many diseases which do harm to our vital organs! In the Brain, free radicals may be responsible for Alzheimers, Parkinson, ADHD, Autism, Migraines, Strokes, and Cancer. Please see this Migraine video!
In the Heart many believe that Macular Disease, Increased Blood Pressure, Hypertension, and Ischemia, which is inadequate blood supply to a local area due to blockage of blood vessels leading to that area is attributed to Free Radical toxification!

I’ve read that our Skin is the largest organ in our body! Accellerated aging, psoriasis, sunburn, dermatitis, and melanoma, a type of skin cancer is said to be caused by Free radicals!
Plaque psoriasis is a chronic (long-lasting) inflammatory skin condition that is caused partly by an overactive immune system. This causes the body to grow skin cells up to 10 times faster than normal. Instead of shedding, these skin cells pile up on top of each other and form red, raised patches of skin, called plaques.

In the Eyes, Macular Degeneration, Retina Dgeneration, and Cataracts may be the uwanted side affects of Free Radicals!
Multi-Organ problems may appear in the form of Diabetes, Early Aging, CFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and MS, are also believed to be cause by Free Radicals!

In the Blood Stream, artherosclerosis causes inadequte blood supply to local areas due to blockage of blood vessels leading to the heart! This occurs when blood vessels that carry oxygen and nutrients from our heart to the rest of the body ,via arteries, become thick and stiff, restricting blood flow to organs and tissues. Healthy arteries are flevible and elastic. Unhealthy arteries have hardened! Another side affect of Free Radicals may be Chlosterol and Plaque buildup which can burst and trigger blood clots!

As for our Immune System, Inflamation, Auto Immune Disorders, Lupus, MS and Cancer may be caused by Free Radicals!

In the lungs, Free Radicals may cause Asthma, Allergies, Cancer, and ARDS, also knwon as, Accute Respiraitory Distress Syndrome! This may cause the lungs to become stiff and inflexible, leading to fluid build up in the air sacs or Alreoli complications!
In our joints, Arthrits, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoporosis, or a thinning of the bones, and Psoriatic.
Psoriatic Arthritis Symptoms!
The main symptoms of psoriatic arthritis include joint pain, stiffness, and swelling. These symptoms can affect any part of your body and can range from relatively mild to severe. Psoriatic arthritis symptoms may come and go and may vary from person to person.

Kidney Disease and Nephritis as well as Kidney failure may be attributed to Free Radical toxification. Prtoandim has been clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress by 40%.

While I have been user of Protandim for 5 years, I have discovered other uses well beyond wellness! It has been brough to my attention that athletes run faster and jump higher when using Protandim! In one of my videos, you will see that the GM Of the Baltimore Ravens has become a distributor!
I would like for all who read this to help me inform our athletes that there is an Olympic Approved product which can help them recuperated from concussions and other injuries 40% faster due to the removal of one million free radiclas per second! My personal experience is sumed up in this video which you will see me jumping rope in gravel with a chain! The caption states that ’70 is the New Sexy!’!

I would like to thank the Founder of LifeSkills institute, The Ceo Of Care One Health training Insitutue, The Founder of The Indigo Center, for supporting this wonderful 21st century anti-aging discovery!