I was a confessed Warren Buffett Groupie before I ever read this article. What I mean by that is that every since I decided that I could live to be 144+, I kicked my bucket list and created a Warren Buffett list! As a performing artist, I also created a Jimmy Buffett list which will be covered in a later blog!
#1.So I am pretty sure that Warren bought companies over 5 years old! Which may be good advice for anyone seeking an MLM company. #2. If someone tells you you won’t have to work or recruit, RUN! RUN AWAY QUICKLY! #3. Make sure the products are consumable! #4. Make sure the product is not a me too product! For instance, while the product from the company with which I am involved is all natural herbs, we have 5 US Patents & 2 International Patents! This protects all of us from telling a potential client that Protandim wipes out one million free radicals per second 24 hrs. per day with one Olympic Approved tablet and then having the repose be, my product does that also! When I say that Protandim reduces oxidative stress by 40%, I won’t hear ours does that too! When I say that I work for a company from which I can purchase stock on Nasdaq, very few if any potential competitors can say, me too! When I say that we can access 7 streams of income and potential for an immediate place in a worldwide bonus pool with this company, I do not hear a me too echo because it is my belief that this has never been done before! #5.Make sure that there are no patent disputes or potential challenges.
Before I became a Warren Buffett groupie, I was already into Network Marketing or People Franchising as some have come to call it! That is why when my millionaire entertainment lawyer,author of 12 Universal laws Of Success, Herbert Harris came to my office and asked me if I knew who Burke Hedges, an Icon in the field of direct selling, I responded that Burke makes about $60,000 per yr. as a speaker and wrote several books, one being a bestseller called ‘Who Stole The American Dream?’
I stated that he owned several companies earning close $1,000,000 per yr. collectively! My friend & mentor Herbert Harris asked if I would like to meet Burke. I assumed that my friend and mentor was purchasing two $50.00 tickets for us to go hear Burke Speak! I was mistaken. It seems that Burke was flying into town to talk to Herbert face to face, Mano a’ Mano, about a new business opportunity he had encountered which had local roots at Duke! It seems that Dr. Joseph McChord, a Duke alumni in biochemistry had created a n all natural product which Burke thought was a paradigm shifter in the realm of fitness, wellness, performance enhancement and anti-aging!
Herbert explained to me that his excitement was due to the fact that Burt wanted to fly in and speak to him privately as opposed to skype or phone! Herbert also shared with me that when he and Burke were in another company together several years ago, Burke was earning close to $50,000 per month and he was earning about $25,000 per month! These are the kinds of coaches which I constantly seek to coach me in the world of networking! This happened about 5 years ago!
Since that date, I have eaten at least one Protandim tablet most days until now! At 71 I became saddened when my friends and co-workers tried to rationalize that I looked younger and could do 35 pushups and not be out of breath because I dyed my hair! I then discovered the problem! They were too close to me! Closeness& familiarity reaps a sort of blindness to small increments of change! It’s might be appropriate to share the story of the frog in the tepid pan of water again. Did you know that a frog will meet its’ demise if the temperature of the water is gradually raised to a boil because it cannot decipher the gradual rise in temperature! By the time it feels the heat, it is too late! I really believe that this explains the effects of free radicals on the body in the creation of the disease process better than most explanations! We do not know that we are getting ill until the doctor tells us, unless we are in tuned to our intuitive Higher selves!
In my mind, Warren Buffett is a visionary! He knows where the money is coming from next year! Some attack his ideas because the owners of MLM companies make more money than most of the distributors! Most business owners make more money than the people who work for them! I find that my UCPTI Causing PB, or Unconscious Contempt Prior To Investigation leads to PB or Paradigm Blindness! This is the New Age! Whether you believe it or not! Income will be made in different ways in this Age )Of Inspiration and Transformation! www.beintheloop.biz www.williamdburton.com Reverbnation.com/revwilliamdburton @WilliamDBurton is my Twitter tag!