Early Retirement For Retirement For Artist and Athletes

In an effort to get Artist and Athletes to think about retirement, I intend to inspire them to sell something other than their intellectual property! At 71 years of age, I may be the only Blues , Bio-Rhythm & Blues, Jazz & Funk, World Music, Spoken Word artist who still owns 100 % of his IP! For instance, I have owned my songs for more the 35 years! I now have a shot of getting a few in a play and a couple more in a movie! Why, because I maintiained ownership as opposed to selling ‘Put Your Hands In the Hands Of The Man Who Stilled The Waters.’ for $300 dollars! yes $300 dollars and the song earned untold millions! I leanred how to enter the market place with soemhting which people know they need and want, High Level Wellness and A Wealth Building Plan Of Action that works!

Sell something besides your intellectual property! I personally found a company which earned $9 Million in 2009 by teaching people to share one 9 minute video! In 2014 this publicly traded company paid out more than $92 Million to those working from home with this same company and that same video! Here is the video, www.abcliveit.com

What I love about this company is that since it is publicly traded, everything is transparent. When they say they paid out $92 Million, this must be published and apparent and provable! ( Is that a woed?) I am grateful to Mr. John Quiones who first placed himself in the clinical trial studies for Protandim!

One non-profit Executive Director is earning more than $40,000 to support his Lifeskills Institute! One Asian MD/MBA Editor of a Science Journal and his wife are some of my long term customers! On friend just took the product to people suggering from the HIV Virus in Kenya!

Donny Osmond, Montel Williams, Sanjay Gupta MD, and the Gm Of the Baltimore Ravens seems to have liked this ABC Prime TIme Video!

Millenials and Boomers who need and desire to earn $$$$ with 40%-50% less stress will be intrigued! Students drowing in college debt may want to start using our money earning system before they graduate from college!

I have shared the acronym, UCPTI many times in my blogs! I represents ‘UNCONSCIOUS COMTEMPT PRIOR TO INVESTIGATION!” Many people remain poor or in ill health becuase they expect their overworked stressed out Doctor to do the research for them! Mistake! You can read what pubmed.gov says abouyt Protandim or any other product! If the product isn’t mentioned in Pubmed.gov, it may not be a relevant cutting edge 21st century discovery! I am told that by 2016, science will double it’s discoveries every 11 hours! EVERY 11 HOURS! WOW!

My name is William D. Burton, some call me Rev. and I do not go to church, some call me Doctor and I have neither a PHD nor an MD! What I do have is a process where I learned how to communicate with a deeper part of my self! My process isn’t original. The Meditations, Affirmations and Visualizations of Jose Silva, Gerald O Donnel, Jesus ,Paramahansa Yogananda, The Creator of Tarnscendental Meditaion, Maharji, The Course In Miracles, and Power VS Force by Mr. David Hawkins and The Secret all tell similar stories! I used mine to write muscic and teach people how to tap the Powers of Their Subconscious Mind! As we move from Subconscious Mind Control To Soul Control we eventually find out that we are all in in Sole Controle! williamdburton.com