On Dec.22,2014 we entered into a New Age and slipped into a new Paradigm Shift!


Warning! This article must be read with your heart not with, your brain!

I would love to be the first to warn you, and maybe I am not, that the times, they are -a- changing!
The one thing you and I must do to thrive in this new energy is to lead from our heart!
Did you know that the heart was fully functional by the time your brain was 50% functional?
Did you know that your heart has 40,000 or more neurotransmitters centered in its’ own mini-brain?
Did you know that your heart communicated with your subconscious all of the time the brain was being developed?
Your subconscious mind is one million times more powerful than your so-called conscious mind?
Did you know that Affirmations along do not contact your subconscious mind and that no results can happen unless you affect the inner child which is 98% of who you unconsciously believe yourself to be!
If you are a person who prays and are going to a level where you can communicate through your subconscious mind, your prayer, (And some teachers say that everything we say to ourselves in secret is an unconscious prayer!) You may be empowering the effectiveness or power of your prayer, intent, desire, imagined accomplishment by one million times!
The subconscious does not believe what you tell it. Stay with me this is important!
The Subconscious does not believe what you tell it, it believes what you feel about what you tell it! The Subconscious does not see, hear or feel your internal dialogue, it feels whatever you feel.
This cause us to continuously create things and attract things to us in our lives! If we are unaware of our power we ask God, why is this happening to me! If we are aware that we are created in the image and likeness of God, then we wonder why we created or attracted what we are experiencing!
“Lest Ye Become AS a Little Child Ye Shall Not Enter Into The Kingdom of Heaven! For The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Within You!

Again, You and I are One Million Times More Powerful Than We Were Last Year! Maybe this simple example will us all!

When a baby calf elephant at the circus is tethered to a large log it tries to move and cannot because it is not strong enough move the log! When you attend the circus 4 years later, that same elephant now weighs a ton or two and is tried to the same log which held it as a calf. It remembers that it could not move as a baby, believes that it cannot move now!

Now some will say to me that this is all poppy cock! But you are talking to a guy who walked out of a machine shop when he saw too many fingers missing because he wanted to be a guitar player singer-songwriter at about 30! A little over a year later, I performed at a private party for Cat Stevens aka Jusuf Islam at the London Bar & Grill in Portland, Oregon!

We now have the power. We are now the 100th monkey! We now have the power to experience the New Heaven and The New Earth!

I won’t tell you how to do it! I can’t tell you how to do it! I can just tell you how I am doing it! You are not suppose to do it like me! You are unique! There is only one of you in this universe!  We won’t talk about alternate universes right now! I would love for you to rent “What The Bleep Do We Know!” Please do not miss the water experiment on youtube.com and remember that our bodies are mostly water!

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