So you think that you just read a typo or the ranting and raving of a mad man! You may not be too far off, but hear me out! We can prove that about 650,000 are released from prisons across the home of the brave, land of the free every year! What most tax payers do not realize is that about five million people are released from county jails each year!
So what? When a person is charged with a crime and locked in the county jail, many
cannot make bail, so they can lose their job, and last but not least, their self respect!

It is my opinion that the American way of life, and our quality of life will be severely threatened by this, not so new, wave of self destructive behavior which our American injustice system has brought to our door step!

For 8 years I have served as the Director of Adult Case Management for a 10 yr. old organization called I am also the Founding Executive Director (in training), for NC Second Chance Business Academy, feel free to donate money to CSI. (Community Success Initiative)

Yesterday I posed this question to a class I was teaching at a local correctional facility! I asked, what happens to the Football team with the poorest record in the NFL at draft time? Immediately the group chimed out, they get the #1, draft pick!
My next question was, WHY? The answer came quickly! When the weakest team is supported, ti strengthens the entire NFL system! Now remember that these were accused felons with varying degrees of intelligence and education! What struck me was that they could clearly see the fairness of this system at work!

So I then queried, since America knows that the under served in our community have the greatest need for support and assistance, why are we not doing that?

Please see this video for some information which might helps us undersatnd why we seem so callous and uncaring?

I have coined a couple of phrases borrowed in part from AA. I call failure to use an obvious solution, UCPTI leading to PB! Which means (Unconscious Contempt Prior To Investigation) leads to PB or Paradigm Blindness! This might explain ‘The New Jim Crow’ by Michelle Alexander.

A few years back I was informed by people whom I trust that scientific information and discoveries would double every 11 hours by 2016! It seems that we had better get ready for some serious Paradigm Blindness!

If you want a better explanation of ‘PB’ please watch ‘What The Bleep Do We Know?’ , one of my favorite underground movies!

I would like to take this opportunity to invite every college student, every educator, and every parent in the world, to contact me so that we can discuss ways in which we can help each other overcome this tsunami of the under served! If you are about to graduate from school, or are already building a family, you may want to help us with this problem before your children face the hydra of recidivism which will have a negative impact upon us all!


My name is William D. Burton,

I Am The One In A William, follow me to the Fountain Of Youth!