Wee !!!!    This is fun!

On Jan 4th, my physical body will turn 71. I am in a fun music contest on Reverbnation.com/revwilliamdburton with a lot of sometimes well meaning, but sometimes unconscious artist who allow the industry to tell them who they are! In an effort to send a message of originality and high self esteem to young artist, I desire to win this reverbnation contest!  You can help me by sharing my free App with your friends!

It has been scientifically proven by many scientist including Dr. David Hawkins, author of Power VS Force, that original art by the original artist makes the body go strong! Lets inform our children that being authentic is worth something!

I have been fortunate enough  to have the media be very kind to me!  My free app will also be able to allow me to field questions about how I tapped my Inner Child aka Subconscious Mind in order to write more than 100 songs and pieces of street poet. I have been in concert with many of the greats which you can see when you visit my site!

I am now prepared to teach all interested artist how they can tap that portion of their brain which is one million times more powerful that the ‘so called’ subconscious mind!

Jack Canfield, the creator of Chicken Soup For The Soul and Co-Author of The Secret was the first to introduce this phenomenon to me in the late 1970’s! He demonstrated in a classroom setting that a negative thought or negative music would cause a person body to go weak when tested through Kinesiological testing!

Kinesiology-the study of muscles and their movement, esp,  as applied to the physical conditioning & strength!