Burton02The first thing that I need to do is to apologize to everyone on the internet! At 70 when I first discovered Protandim and began to read what clinical trials studies from 20 NCAA schools, pubmed.gov, bscg.org, athletes, 23 yr. old Arabian Mares and formerly ill people had to say on youtube testimonials I got a overly excited!
Let me say this and I truly mean it! I understand why you would not want to live to be 100! I see how poor people are treated in some nursing homes! I truly understand resisting change! Change is a painful! But guess what? Resisting change may be a greater pain! As a matter of fact the most unhappy people I know are the ones who resist change! I was angry with people for not seeing what I saw! My IQ is about 140 and It took me 3 years to really get Protandim becuase it is such a quantum leap for science! By the way, I’m told that by 2016 scientific information will double every 11 hrs.

I then thought, so what if people do not want to be healthy and live a long life while experiencing high level wellness? I thought that surely boomers would flock to me because I am teaching formerly incarcerated people (with violent & other criminal backgrounds) how to earn money via the internet so that we can reduce both crime and the number victims affected by crime and the number of parents locked up in prison! This reduces the number of children raised in poverty! This reduces crime across the board! I’ve read that 650,000 people are released from prison every year while, stay with me, 5 million are released from county jails! Please see The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander!

When a person is locked up in the county jail for more than a week or two, they can lose their job, and then their apartment and then their transportation and be reduced to homelessness! Pulling oneself up without bootstraps is quite a formidable challenge!

And then Asian doctors with MBA’s started purchasing Protandim from me and I forgot all of the above. I then met with the owner of a semi-pro basketball team who happened to be a retired MD! And things just kept getting better!

All of that being said, I have eaten Protandim now for 4 years. I have made about the same amount of money I have spent eating the product at $50.00 per month.

First let me show you a system which always fails, and before I  reveal one which never fails!

UCPTI=PB is a system which always fails! I created this acronym to mean UNCONSCIOUS CONTEMPT PRIOR TO INVESTIGATION= PARADIGM BLINDNESS! This means that a person cannot see things for which they have no reference in the subconscious mind!

Now here is my success system which never fails! Step One; Purchase Power VS Force by Dr. David Hawkins. Consume and absorb this information! Call me if you have questions or comments on the book!  919-954-1915 This book will teach you how to muscle test every thing you put into your mouth from prescriptions, to nutrition, to water!

Today I challenge any Pharmaceutical product to test next to Protandim with The Power VS Force Method!

Your body will go strong when something is good for you. It will go weak when something is not good for you! My friends never have to take my word or anybody’s word again!

Please consider testing the Ancient Tibetan Rites. Five Yoga exercises which can change any ones’ life! Muscle test them!

Practice by holding something in your hand which you feel is not good for you! I suggest white sugar!

Here is the chemical formula for Sucrose-=C-12,H-22,O11   C=Carbon H=Hydrogen O=Oxygen

The Chemical Formula For Bleached Sugar= C-12,H-12, O-6

See any reasons why all of this stuff is so addictive? While I am not a chemist, they appear to be derivatives from the same source!

I am told that a brain scan reveals that the brain lights up in the same places for Sucrose and Sugar as it does for Cocaine!

Are we pre-conditioning addiction for generations to come?

I am the Artist Formerly Known as Rev William D. Burton, I am The One In A William and you have found The Fountain Of Youth!