I am not Warren Buffett, But Warren Buffet approved this message!
“You must position yourself in the front of a growth curve, not in the middle and not at the end, but in the conception and then realize that the window of opportunity is always closing, so work like there is no tomorrow!” Warren Buffet.

At 71 I am very interested in learning all that I can do to retard or reverse the aging process while retiring comfortably. I have found some science which you might want to investigate!
Dara Torres at 41 won the bronze while swimming in the Beijing Olympics, which made the IOC,(The International Olympic Committe) check her out and us out. They responded with a resounding YES!
www.abcliveit.com Is a John Quiones ABC Prime Time Report!
I have eaten Protandim for the last 5 years and have decided to become a distributor for life!

PHD/MBA creator of www.Indigocenter.org & The CEO Of Care One Health Training Institute are helping me promote this Olympic Approved business/opportunity created by DUKE MD, PHD BIOCHEMIST Dr. Joseph McCord, now teaching medicine at The University Of Colorado! This company is publicly traded on Nasdaq. As an artist I feel that this is my only real shot a retirement plan that makes sense!
abcliveit.comPlease Visit The Fountain Of Youth www.indigocenter.org/protandim.htm See Dr. Phil, Donny Osmond, Montell Williams, Ozzie Newsome formerly #32 of the Cleveland Browns and now the GM of the Baltimore Ravens, Al Roker @ Good Morning America!
When Sanjay Gupta wrote his best seller,’Chasing Life’, he mentioned Protandim several times! If you do not know Sanjay, he is the Medical Advisor For CNN. and a surgeon and medical expert!
This ABC clip aired back in 2005! Do not worry, the front of the growth curve is still available, but not for long! When this video was shown in 2005, five million dollars in sales was generated overnight. This small biotech company’s stock was at $1.00 per share and skyrocketed to$20.00 per share. Dr McCord, being a researcher and a scientist, did not have the infrastructure to get the product out. This caused the shares to drop to 7 cents per share.

Researchers and scientist believed that Dr. McCord had discovered a medical breakthrough so they continued to study Protandim! Today Lifevantage.com has peer reviewed studies published by pubmed.gov which prove that the early believers were correct! As stated before, The International Olympic Committee approved Protandim for all sports at every level! Even the NCAA and AAU have embraced this awesome performance enhancement miracle! After the reviews, it was noticed that the stock was still not performing! Tha is when a marketing consultant who worked for a 1/2 billion company took alook at Lifevantage and found the mistake! The product had been placed on the shelf at GNC! This exxpert informed Lifevantage that word of mouth was how this unknown should be represented! This idea was embraced by Lifevantage and Dr. McCord whcih sold $3 million dollars in product in 2009! In 2014 we sold $200 million in sales! The stock on Nasdq is at just under $3.00.
THOSE WHO ARE BLESSED WITH VISION WILL REALIZE THAT THE TOP TWO GOALS OF THE “BABY BOOMER” GENERATION ARE TO HAVE FINANCIAL SECURITY! THIS COMPANY PAYS YOU IN 6 DIFFERENT WAYS NOT COUNTING THE STOCK OPTION. THE SECOND GOAL IS A HIGH LEVEL OF HEALTH & WELLNESS! Now that the International Olympic Committee has placed their stamp of approval on our bottle, the window of opportunity is closing fast! I do hope those who read this make the right decision for you! Protandim is clinically proven to reduce oxidative stress by 40% and removes up to one million free radicals per second from the human body!
Please check Wikepedia for an excellent description of Free radicals!
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