William D. Burton bought a guitar when he was 30 years of age! At that time, most of his friends insisted that he was too old to become a performing artist. One year later William Burton was asked to play at a private gathering for none other that Cat Stevens aka Jusuf Islam! One song which burton chose to play was an original called ‘Reese The Priest’. Burton was forced to choose from his original song list because that was all he knew how to play!

“My friend Reese was a Priest until he kicked the habit.
He found God out n the street, not only in the Abbey!
Some folks thought him crazy, and others thought him quite odd.
He said a man don’t need religion just as long as he’s got God!
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Jusuf was about 23 years of age at the time and had hair covering his shoulders! When asked how he got into the music business, he literally placed his face in his hands in his lap while shaking his head from side to side as if he was remembering a very painful event.

Jusuf said, “They hated my voice when I came to America. I had to go back to The UK and raise money for my first album.

Not too long ago, William D.sent a message via Facebook to Jusuf Islam which contained the voice message which Cat Stevens/Jusuf Islam’s manager Barry & Jackie Kross had on their answering machine!
This was sent so that Cat would know that William D. was legitimate!
William took the opportunity to take his family to Disneyland and visit Jusuf’s management team on the 13th floor of the Warner Brothers Building in Los Angeles,Ca.

William went on to open for the late great Muddy waters, getting standing ovations and encores before Muddy came out!
Muddy once commented that “William D. Burton’s trio had them jumping! William’s band was so popular in the midwest that Rock and Roll radio stations were hiring him to perform at their company parties!

On youtube, you can hear a poorly recorded version of ‘Sausalito nell’ the song which broke Burton’s career in the early 80’s! Burton went on to open for the late great John lee Hooker after Muddy Waters gave him such high praise! Mr. Hooker was quoted as having said, “Son, the people like you!” When Burton asked how long he should play before John lee Hooker came out, after the first show, Mr. Hooker stated that William could perform for as long as he liked!

Burton went on to perform for the late great Bill Graham president of BPG, Bill Graham Presents! For Bill he opened for Steve Stills, formerly of Crosby Stills Nash and Young at the Fillmore West!

Burton was paid $5.00 per minute for the 45 minutes he was on stage in the early 80’s at the Fillmore. He was also allowed 17 guests in his dressing room, and was given 4 body guards and an unlimited bar tab for everyone in his dressing room until the sun came up!

Later in San Francisco, Axl Rose lead singer for Guns-N-Roses, heard William perform at the Palace Of Fine Arts, San Francisco,Ca. and gave WDB all of the money in his pocket when he heard William’s profound lyrics experienced his self confidence!

When asked if he did anything by Eric Clapton, Burton answered with, “I am a world class singer songwriter. When Eric does one of my songs, I will do one of his!” AXL’s response was, “Wow, you have enough balls to make in=t in the music industry!

Burton was practicing in a small room at hotel in San Jose when an assistant for Jack Canfield of “Chicken Soup For The Soul Enterprises and The Secret” happen to hear him play! A few minutes later, Jack canfield came down the hallway, to find his assistant who told Jack, “you gotta hear this guys music!” Within 15 minutes, Jack canfield had forged an agreement for William to perform that weekend for his training in exchange for Jack Canfield’s full training based on works by Dr. David Hawkins, “Power VS Force!”, Neville Goddard, Personal Growth Guru in the 50’s who’s training got to Rev. Ike, who built the largest congregation in Chicago and the first Soup Kitchen!

His most famous statement about prayer was “It is the feeling that get the blessings!” What rev Ike was saying was, when you believe, imagine, feel until you are certain that an event will occur, that event has already occurred. Later Steven Covey made the same statement by saying, “Begin with the end in Mind!” William thought that most people never got what he meant! What was meant by this statement was, when once we begin, see it in the mind’s eye and feel it in your heart until you are certain that it has already occurred! He used the biblical proof for this statement by quoting, “Before you ask I will answer!”

William D. Burton is now considered a World Class Brain Fitness and Sustainable Life Skills Coach. This skills have had him present workshops at several HBCU universities and be placed on the summer faculty 3 years in succession at UNC, the University OF Carolina, Chapel Hill.

This Sunday october 30th at 3pm, William will perform live at the Mayton inn, downtown Cary, NC. near the main Post Office across from the main Library!