About five years ago I was sitting in my cubicle at communitysuccess.org where I serve as the Director Of Adult Case Management, and a Sustainable Life Skills Instructor, when my millionaire mentor, Herbert Harris, former Quantum Physicist, former NY Lawyer, author of 12 Universal Laws Of Success, present sharpest knife in the drawer, dropped by to see me!

Herbert asked if I had ever heard of an award winning, peer reviewed, biochemist from Duke by the Name of Dr. Joseph, who had developed an anti-aging product which was going to rock the world of baby boomers while changing every facet of fitness/strengthening, sports med & performance enhancement through a free radical biology breakthrough! He shared with me that boomers were mostly seeking high level wellness and financial security as their two main goals! Herbert shared that a millionaire best selling author from Florida and a long time busisiness associate of his was flying in to give him an update and invite him into a network markekting program so advanced in distributor training and customer care that it was the epitome of what we now call People Franchising! (People Franchising from my understanding is a company which looks like a 20th century newtwork marketing company while training like a 21st century franchise! It has been my experience that fewer franchises fail than singlular business endeavors!)

I’d just like to say here that while I now live in Raleigh, NC, I have counseled formerly incarcerated people for more than 25 years in San Francsico, Ca. and during that time have not created the space or developed the mindset to be a millioanire! So when a millionaire personal growth guru, who owns several houses on the street where he lives, brings me a business opportunity, I am grateful and attentive!

I was informed that when Montel Williams began to experience the removal of up to one million free radicals per second, every second with just one little yellow pill per day, he become a spokes person for this Olympic approved Protandim, from a publicly traded company called Lifevantage.

I was then even more impressed when I discovered, on page 61 of the same issue, that Montel had invited his manager, and self proclaimed skeptic, Robert Levin to this scientific breakthrough and out of the box 21st century business opportunity! “I’ve been a professional my whole life……Network Marketing is something I would not normally consider!” says Robert Levine. If that name sounds familiar, here’s why! Robert Levin is not only Montell Williams’ mgr. he and his business partner Larry Zarsky also work with clients like Paula Abdul, Ll Cool J, Naomi Campbell, as they handle big time liscensing projects including Jessica Simpsons’ clothing line a an Ushers Fragrances!

Robert stated that Protandim was obviously an exceptional product and that there was enough scientific proof to get him to put the product out there! ” Because of my connection to the celebrity world, we are bringing in other credible people to be distributors!” adds Robert levin!

At age 71, I have eaten Protandim for 5 years now and plan to eat it for the rest of my life! having been a type of community social worker all of my adult life as well as an unsigned artist, see www.williamdburton.com, for the first time in my life I feel a great potential for financial security and freedom which ahs caused me to kick my bucket list and replace it with a Warren Buffett list! I recently added a Jimmy Buffett list!