Having been a starving artist for 40 years+, you almost get used to not getting any help!
The other day a fellow musician called me and informed me that he had found some help for me and had made a request on my behalf! I do not know whether that will happen or not, but after investigation, I discovered that Music Makers is a best kept secret, not only for aging Blues, folk Blues, genre blenders and genre bender artist but for those who are seeking authentic music!

I would love for all music lovers, young musicians and older musicians alike to please go to their website and educate yourself on what you did not know you did not know!

I would especially suggest that the young artist get some flavor and check out these musical roots! Getting the opportunity to open for John Lee Hooker & Muddy Waters and share the dressing room with them was some of the highlights of both my music career and my life!

I was sitting in a dressing room staring at Muddy and he asked me what was on my mind! I said Muddy, i don’t want to bother you, but I have so many questions! Muddy said shoot. I said, what do you do when you get hoarse? He said Oh. son I just sing right through it!

I told my wife Sandra that that answer was so Zen that it took me 10 years to figure it out!
At the first opportunity for opening for Mr. John Lee Hooker the audience was so kind that Mr. hooker told me that I could play long as I wanted to play in the second show!

There is no way for me to tell you what that meant to me! To be treated so kindly from such a real legend still warms my heart when I think of it!

I gotta say That Muddy, John Lee Hooker, and Jusuf Islam, aka Cat Stevens Bill Graham , the late San Francisco music mogul, and believe it or not, AXL Rose formerly of GNR gave me the kind of support which has kept me in the business for 40 years!

Please go to the Musicmaker.org website and support these wonderful people! When you see their line up, you will get a musical education of a lifetime!

If you are a music teacher or music educator, your students must witness & experience some of these artistic assets before they are no longer with us in the flesh!

I you are a musician of any age, or if you are a music lover, you owe it to the industry and to yourself to support this team of serious contributors to the planet earth!


Thank You MusicMaker.org Thank you Tim & Denise Duffy and friends! You have warmed my heart by simply existing!


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