My Five Year personal experiment with, peer reviewed anti-aging olympic approved, Nasdaq traded Protandim is now complete and here is my results with personal footnotes!
I was born Jan. 4th, 1944 in Los Angeles ,Ca. For more than 30 of my 71 years I lived in San Francisco as a Performing Artist and a Sustainable LifeSkills Instructor for people living with AIDS at both Highland Hospital, Trauma Center for the County,Oakland,Ca. and UC Medical Center,San Francisco,Ca.

For myself I’ve used yoga and nutrition in pursuit of high level wellness as a way of life for years,but even with my ten year attempt at vegetarianism by age 60 I was sitting down on stage to perform my blues and jazz and folkblues originals due to lack of energy plus back, neck and joint pain!

I do not mind saying that when my wife Sandra who is my life, found out that I had not been truthful with her about my pain,I was in big trouble! For Example- A sharp pain would shoot up my spine and temporarily disable me! My left knee would buckle without warning leaving me to grab onto the nearest person or piece of furniture to keep from falling down, while my right knee was swollen with every step being a painful experience!
To be truthful, I was frightened and felt that if I talked about it, I would grant being to all that I feared! That is another reason that I refused to see a doctor!

Let me make this clear, I do not advise that you do what I did! Doctors save lives!

I am 6’3 and weigh 195 and was taught that real men do not whine!

I have friends who wanted to attach names to all of these systoms, but I refused to label the pain! Something inside of me told me that labels disable and that If I named it my subconscious would claim it.

Within one week after I began my project I could feel that I was onto something! Within two weeks, I felt that someone had sprayed my knees with WD-40. I was cruising by the time the first month was over!

I already felt that I wanted to be a distributor for Lifevantage. I told Sandra I would experiment on myself so that If I killed someone, it would be me! I also decided that at 71 I should take my time because I wanted this to be my last ‘People Franchising’ effort to gain our financial freedom!

See my ’70 Is The New Sexy!’ Video Below. It is suitable for any audience!

Recently the Ceo of Care One Health Training Institute with campuses located in Raleigh, NC and Fayetteville, NC., and 3 Extended Care Nursing & Rehabilitation Wellness Centers in NC, made history by becoming the first Official Lifevantage Distributor in the south to embrace this wellness game changer!

In other videos below you will see Sanjay Gupta, Medical Advisor for CNN, Donny Osmond, Dr. Phil, double mastectomy, MS survivor, Al Roker of Good Morning America, John Quiones, of ASBC Prime Time Report & What Would You Do!

You will also see Montel Williams, Ozzie Newsome, GM of the Baltimore Ravens and a 16 yr. old from Ohio Break the 50 meter indorr and the 100 meter outdoor records for his age group after eating the product for only 3 months!

Dr. Joseph McCord, A Duke Alumni, now teaching medicine at the University Of Colorado, created Protandim! I do not know if he has given this product to Coach K or not, but the coach sure looks like it!

Protandim was given hundreds of favorable reviews in, ‘Free Radical Biology & Medicine’ The Institute for Cancer, Aging and Antioxidant Research at the University of Colorado, Denver, The Journal Of Dietary Supplements June 1,2010, Journal Of Enzyme Research, Mar.23,2011, General Hospital Harvard Medical School, Ohio State University Medical Center, Division of Pullmonary & Critical Care, Virginia Commonwealth University.

When a brilliant Asian Psychiatrist with /MBA whao is editor of a science journal bought the product from me for the last year, I was reminded that this opportunity is very special! This gentleman once shared with me that his ulcers had stopped bleeding, and that he could only attri9bute it to Protandim becuase it was the only thing that changed in his diet, I did not know what to say because we are taught never to make promises or claims about results!

My 5 year test is up and I have to say that I am ready to do the Lifevantage business!

Protandim Creator, and holder of 7 patents, Dr. Joseph McCord, Professor of Medicine at The University Of Colorado Health Sciences, has been given the Elliott Cressom Medal from the Franklin Insitutue in Philadelphia. Other recipients are Alexander Graham Bell, Orville Wright, Henry Ford & Pierre & Marie Curie.

When I discovered the benefits of Protandim. I tried invain to get this product to Dean Smith and BB King Sometimes the people who love us protect us too well!