As the Founding Executive Director of NC Second Chance Business Academy, I often ponder why universities rarely approach the conversation that we may be using just less than 2% of our brain mind potential! I will address this more in the body of this blog!

When a student comes to me for success coaching, the first thing that I address is their level of wellness! We do an intensive process to eliminate millions of free radicals as well as parasites from the body! Did you know that you can cleanse your internal physical body and all of it’s organs for just pennies per day! The secret in a word is called ‘Diatomaceous Earth- Food Grade!

The next thing that I advise is that they learn how to breath! Yes I thought that I knew how to breath when I was 30. I had stayed alive for 30 years so I felt that I must have been doing something right! I then discovered that the oxygen greedy brain demands 75% of the oxygen which comes into the body! So if you are not breathing properly at least sometimes, the rest of your body may be suffering! This is where exercise truly is king!

The next part of fitness with which we deal physical is flexibility or range of motion! I have discovered that the range of motion and ones’ range of emotions are very closely related. Have you noticed that people with a stiffness about them are less flexible mentally? Stretching is one of the most important components of fitness which any serious fitness enthusiasts must embrace! At 71, I learned this late in my quest to be the best!

Next, and you have heard this from me before, is a group of Yoga Exercises called The ancient group of yoga exercises called The Ancient Tibetan Rites, or the ATR’s. See the link below!

For us to become a success in our financial endeavors, we must be fit for the task! O place A High level of Wellness at the top of my list for success! How many millionaires do you know who have forfeited one for the other? Not a good trade!

Back to our brain mind potential! Many psychologist agree that our subconscious minds are one million times more powerful than our conscious minds! I say that you are the person riding the elephant toward a desired destination. Your subconscious mind is the elephant!

How we give instructions to our subconscious is very interesting! The internal conversation which you are having with yourself makes up the instructions to your powerful subconscious. But not quite! The truth is that the feelings which you have about the conversation which you are having with yourself become the purest form of communication which you and I have with this giant inner child within us! Now you must understand that as a child, we all lived in the delta and theta frequencies for the first five years or so! We then gradually slip into the alpha brain wave frequency and again into beta frequencies as we approach adulthood! This is why we are so creative as young children and even in our teens! “Lest ye become as a little child, ye shall not enter the Kingdom Of Heaven!” Powerful!

In my seminars I say over and over that the bible refers to God as the Alpha and the Omega, never the Beta! Remember the movie, the Matrix? I see the beta brain wave frequency as the 2% Ego Driven Matrix!

20 years ago at a conference held by Rudolf Steiner Schools,. I heard Mr. Willis Harmon state this! And I paraphrase…”There is a mindset by which we can walk across hot coals and get blisters, and there is another mindset which we can appropriate in which one can walk across hot coals and nothing will happen to ones’ feet! In the coming global economy,we must teach our children both mindsets! Well on Dec. 22nd last year many believe that we have entered into that new age of Inspiration leading to Transformation! Welcome to what Echart Tolle and many others have called, The New Earth!

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