NCSCBA, training the world to work from home for a company you can own while crushing those exploding student loans!

Empower-Mentors worldwide are invited into a new Paradigm beyond Network Marketing which some of us now call People Franchising! People Franchising has two main areas of empowerment! First you learn to master the Self Worth Marketing phase. This is our Personal Growth phase. Next we move into the Net Worth Marketing phase!

New business enthusiasts are easily fooled by companies who make all of the promises, but do not follow through on the delivery! These unsuspecting clients are some times blinded to new Paradigms by what I have called (UCPTI) Unconscious Contempt Prior To Investigation, which causes one to experience PB or Paradigm Blindness! The difference between the companies we choose and the old school Network Marketing is that our companies train like a franchise while looking like a Network Marketing company!

Our trainers have been trained by Millionaire Empower-Mentors like Dr. Herbert Harris, author of 12 Universal Laws of Success, Burke Hedges, author of Who Stole The American Dream? the book your boss does not want you to read, Dr. David Hawkins, author of Power VS Force, Les Brown, Mike Williams, the man who trained Les Brown, Jack Canfield, the heart & mind behind Chicken Soup Enterprises/The Secret!

While all of the Empower-Mentors above are independently wealthy, we have chosen our Empower-Mentors because of their passion for growing people! These experts would never work for a company which did not embrace win/win business practices!

Please see Dr. Joseph McChord, Dr.Sanjay Gupta, Montel Williams, Al Roker, Donny Osmond, Dr. Phil, and John Quiones of the ABC Prime Time Report