Please read all of this, I was there so it can’t be fake news. Sure, I’ll get emails tomorrow saying to relax Rev. Burton, this is just fake news.. Except that I was there 30 plus years ago when the USA paid the Russian scientist at the forefront of Anthrax Development to defect from Russia to the USA. He was given a position and probably a witness protection package to bring us these secrets. This man was asked, “How can Americans protect themselves from Germ Warfare?” His answer was very short. In order to protect Americans from Germ Warfare, you need to empower every Americans’ Immune System individually.

You have to read his next statement to decide whether you are going to trust Me or DT to protect you! This man said that while America had contracted with two scientist to to find an antidote, Russia had contracted with 98 scientist to create a stronger antidote. He inferred that the USA was not serious in protecting it’s citizens from Germ Warfare. YOU MUST PROTECT YOURSELF FROM GERM WARFARE! YOU ARE ON YOUR ON WHEN THE NEXT CRAZY SENDS A CONTAMINATED DRONE DIVING INTO OUR CITY WATER SUPPLY.

I have worked on learning how protect myself from Germ Warfare since I read that statement 30+ years ago.

I was fired from a major trauma center in Northern California when I helped a full blown AIDS patient gain 4 pounds. Another hospital hired me two weeks later without fanfare and I went on to work for the CAP in San Francisco The CENTER FOR AIDS PREVENTION. A clinical trial study group in San Francisco! I have letters of recommendation from one of the AIDS & Wellness clinical trial PHD’s still in my possession.

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