Still Helping Those Banned From The Market Place By The New Jim Crow!
teaching the formerly incarcerated how to re-enter the market place with my anti-aging, performance enhancement product from A duke Biochemist/MD Alumni!!
Still have more Chinese MDs eating the product than African American MDs.

You all know that Coach K is not aging very rapidly. Stop Tripping! Why isn’t my community researching the science behind anti-aging? Have our churches taught us to prepare to die instead of prepairing to live for so long that death is embraced inside our DNA?

I’ve got a bunch of friends ,who are still in the Matrix, with ailing parents who have not given my 140 IQ, the, the Olympic Committee findings or the thousand testimonials a second thought!
I am receiving more support from outside of my community than from inside my community, which is weird!

As I said before, I offer something that these young entrepreneurs can sell to an undercover police offices and still have a nice day!

Demonstrations and carrying signs is a great first step! Then we need to pull ourselves up by our Nasdaq Traded boot straps and stop saying and start doing!

Use my ideas, come up with a better one North Carolina!

The don’t have to learn marketing, they got that! They simply send this ABC Prime Time Report video out to prospective customers! 100 people have spoken on youtube about how it seems to help with Dementia, ADD, not to mention making athletes run faster!

Has anyone read Orthomolecular Psychology by Dr. David Hawkins or Power VS Force by the same author?!

At 71 years of age, I’m not going quietly into that night! Contacted the Urban League in 20 cities and got no response! Not even a hell no I’m just talking smack, I don’t really want to help, I just want to be heard so that I sound and look good!

Or hell no because I went to college longer than you and have more money than you so you cannot possibly know something that would be important to me!