Most of you have already heard the story about how I learned to misuse the Creative Power of my Subconscious Mind at age 21 by embezzling $48,000 dollars from a saving and loan and visiting to Canada! I was sitting around waiting for my picture to show up in the USA news papers, and it had not for a year, so I thought that it was safe to get back into the water!

The most powerful driving force which you can have in any intention to create is what many teachers call, the Compelling Why! They tell me that that is the only thing which can inspire! My ‘Compelling Why’ was what I called ‘Internal Reparation!’ I rationalized my larcenous intent by convincing my Subconscious Mind Of Spirit aka ‘Inner Child’ that I needed to repay myself for that labor from my ancestors because no one else was intending to pay me. To make a long story longer, I truly felt that I had been wronged and needed to balance the karmic scales!

Well there are physical things which had to be done, but the most important aspects of this event was the mind set! As a present day expert on the Subconscious, I discovered in retrospect that I had to see myself deserving to have $48,000.00.
I then had to visualize, affirm, believe, Imagine and finally know that I deserved it! Which is a head game which my ego and my ‘Matrix’ driven Conscious Mind colluded to believe to be righteous! I literally began with the end in mind, suggested by Steven Covey!

Warning! The Subconscious Mind creates every circumstance or event in our lives, even so called accidents!
It also does not know the difference between the truth and that which is not truth! It will believe what your Ego driven Conscious mind tells it!

I believed, that since I was Black in America, and since my ancestors had been sold by other Africans into slavery, that America owed me 100% of my livelihood, for the repayment for the free labor which my ancestors did as slaves in America! I do not know why I did not decide that Africa owed me also! Hmmmmmmmmm! I added to those rationalizations that since I was the first to be stopped for potential traffic violations, since there were more people who looked liked me in US prisons than most other countries had in prison combined, that life had stacked the cards against me and that i had to deal from the bottom of the deck to rise up from the bottom of the Totem Pole in order to balance the laws of Karma!

By the time the Secret service and the FBI surrounded my home near Seattl I was almost 24. I owned at least 5 pieces of residential income property and the home I lived in! I also owned 5 vehicles, a top of the line motorcycle, two 1937 forest green Chevrolet sedans with suicide doors in showroom condition. You remember the gangster type with running boards, a 1967 Corvette Stingray, 427 cu.inch 425HP engine with Inglewood Slicks on the back and American Mag Wheels, Plus a pickup truck!

It was almost three years later that the Secret Service surrounded my house and took me downtown!
When they discovered that I had taken the cash at age 21, they said that they expected to find me at a strip club throwing hundred dollar bills at pretty women and here I was investing in Real estate!

After a short stay at ‘Camp Cupcake’ a wonderful thing happened. My former sister-in-law taught me Silva Mind Control! You may research the late Brain-Mind Guru ,Jose Silva. After learning to meditate, I realized that the laws of Karma were exact and began to practise meditation! I realized that we all reap what we sow. I discovered that thoughts were seeds, and when they were planted, they always grew! I realized that while some are astonished that their Karma seems so bad, never have they connected it to thoughts held in the mind which tend to produce after their own kind!

When I see people amazed that their bad luck has multiplied, I now have the answer! Thoughts held in the Mind produce after their own kind, even when those thoughts and fears are not based on truth!

So here is the way for you to create anything you desire!
#1. You Must Imagine that you deserve it! Visualize it. See it in your minds’eye!
#2. You must then believe that it already exists!
#3. You must Feel that you already have it! Affirm it until you feel it!
#4. You must then walk in the knowing that it is a done deal!
Imagine what people would be saying to you after you great accomplishment!

Before I got my hands on the first check in the embezzlement scam, I sent my subconscious mind a very powerful message!
I did this by checking into one the most luxurious hotels in the city, relinquishing my rented home due to being several months behind in rental payments!

When I walked into the bank to cash the first check, I had to walk like I was wealthy! I had to talk like I was wealthy. As a matter of fact, I called the Operations Manager of the bank two days prior to withdrawing the first amount to alert her that I was withdrawing a large sum of money from their bank as a courtesy call. I had studied what rich people do and how they act! This also works if you desire to change your life. You must act like honest people act! You must think like a wealthy person thinks! How successful would I have been in 1966 if I did not look like I was wealthy?

When I became an honest person and started to practice win/win business projects, I got a chance to be in the presence of people like Jack Canfield, Wayne Dyer, Toni Robbins, Depak Chopra, Les brown and Dr. Herbert Harris! When they started telling me about success principles, I soon realized that I was already using every aspect of their training except, to always enter into Win/Win business deals and always give more than you give. They said the extra mile is never crowded!
I decided to tell this story because I now teach 7 ‘Subconscious Mindfulness’ workshops per month for and the Department Of Safety!

I am a ‘Sustainable Life Force Instructor for, NC Works, and the Motivational Minstrel fro Global Voice Radio!
I have made all of the mistakes so that you won’t have to!
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