I was lying in the park with a friend of mine who’s name was Doris Barrett when she made a comment which startled me! She said, I hate your concerts! Of course I was concerned and I replied, trying not to appear hurt, I thought you liked my music? She replied, I love your music, but I hate your Blankity Blank concerts! I had to ask why! Doris’ reply was, because they look like ex-girlfriend re-unions.

I replied with a question! I said, if I was a mean guy and you were dating me and we split up, would you come to concerts and pay money at the door which you knew was going into my pocket? No was her instant answer! I then replied that I rest my case. We dated, they did me wrong, I forgave them, and we became friends! Doris reluctantly gave in to  my premise!

Seconds later I said, hey, that is a great idea for a song While this was more than 25 years ago, it seems like yesterday!  And minutes later Doris and I were collaborating and Doris wrote every other lines!

“It was an ex-girlfriend reunion and a goodly crowd was there,

That darn near filled Joe’s fool room at the corner of the square.

As songs and witty stories, flowed through an open door,

a vagabond crept slowly in and poised upon the floor and said

“Need your life flash before your eyes before you realize that you have compromised,

You took what you could get instead of what you wanted, and you were undaunted’

And at odds with society, and their deity monogamy , it seems that you’ve lost touch with what is real!

In a desperate search for reality, you have forfeited your fantasies

But forgotten dreams must find a away to live!

While running from reality, you ran out of time, ran into me

You better listen to the advice that I have to give!

From the back of the room, someone cried, “Don’t listen to that old bum!”

Somebody from the front row said “I’ll buy that bum a glass of rum!”

Although he was I stranger, I felt that we were one.

And when he said these words to me, I knew why he had come.

He said,”Need your life be trashed before your eyes, before you realize that you have compromised,

You took what you could get instead of what you wanted!

It was an ex-girlfriend reunion, next door to my next girlfriend reunion!

All rights reserved since 1980 by Rev William D. Burton aka The Cadillac Records Escape Artist!