As a singer songwriter, I became very perturbed when I was told that my music had to be written at the 6th grade level in order to succeed or that art is not supposed to contain political content or have social commentary! I believe that art is suppose to be the truth as the artist sees it! Curtis Mayfield, Gil Scott Heron, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Peter, Paul and Mary, Marvin Gaye, Neil Young’s Southern Man, all had social, political or environmental content! Movies like ‘What The Bleep Do We Know?  and  my personal favorite, ‘The Matrix’  also fit loosely into this category in my mind!

With the possibility that yet another Bush, Jed could be running for president, it is with great pleasure that I re-submit “Trees For President!” written by yours truly in 1987 0r 88 at a time when there was no social media to speak of!  In my own defense I’d like to say that as a person I never had any ill feelings about Mr. George Bush Sr.  I simply thought that it might not be a good idea for America to place the former head of the CIA in the White House! I deduced that the job of CIA Director may cause one to have to do things which might cause ill feelings around the world and that the presidency might get a little tainted! But what does a San Francisco Street Poet, Bart Station Musician, and Outpatient Care Facilitator For HIV and Epidemiology at Highland Hospital in Oakland, or in the CAP Program for UC Medical Center know about global politics?

Well I had no idea that Osama Ben Laden existed, but I was sure that there was someone like him lurking around with bruised feelings toward the CIA! They call me the Nostradamus of The Blues! You decide if the title fits!

” Trees For President’ by Rev. William D. Burton

Trees they give us shade

And trees, they never ask to be paid

Under the leaf of some wooden table

It is my belief that trees are more stable.

Trees, they never womanize

Trees, never practice genocide

Trees are old and wise

Trees are always on our side.

Like Dr. King,  I once had a dream

There was a Bush and a Tree

Debating on my tv screen.

I woke up and got quite paranoid.

Someone had placed a Bush in the White House

and all of the Trees were being destroyed.

So vote for the Trees for president,

Not in your parlor, but in your parliament

Vote for the Trees for president

Trees are Heaven sent!

So if you want to breathe, lets set a precedent

and vote for the Trees for President!