In my seminars I like to share personal before and after stories! Before I learned to tap my brain mind potential naturally and supernaturally, I attempted to tap it through certain chemicals! The setting for this story is Beaverton, Oregon. This was many years before Beaverton became the home of one of my favorite personal growth companies I’m thinking about 1977-79.

A friend by the named of Connie and I were spending a beautiful day being high on some fairly gentle but very entertaining LSD! While we were sitting around her apartment with the curtains closed, enjoying the sunshine inside of our own minds, it dawned upon us that there was a gorgeous day outside being wasted! We decided to throw open the curtains and go out into the sunshine of a very new day!

No sooner had we arrived on the sidewalk in front of Connies house, which was on a corner lot, I looked up into the sky and saw a fleet of space ships! They actually looked like the wings of a Boeing 747, but without the body of the plane! this was like flying, almost, boomerang type vehicles. Since I knew that I was hallucinating, I turned and asked Connie, do you see what I see?
Her reply was, if you see spaceships, I see what you see.

Before we could collect ourselves the neighbors came out. We then gave each other the look. You know that look that says, ‘ACT NORMAL!’ So of course we began to do what normal people do and started talking about the weather! Normal people seem to always talk about things which they do not believe that they can control! As we talked, the spaceships continued to buzz Beaverton Oregon, but there was no sound! Like the man said about Crocodile Dundee, “there was no sound, no sound at all!”

Minutes later, the neighbors two children came out. Their ages, and I am guessing, were between six and 8, a boy and a girl. It was hard to tell which one was the oldest, but in any case, they immediately began to run around the four of us in a tight circle laughing and giggling mommy and daddy look at the space ships, mommy and daddy look at the space ships!

Of course the parents laughed and said what great imaginations they have!

I’ve got to say that we lost all cool and could no longer contain ourselves. While we did not have the words to tell the neighbors that we had just taken some very nice acid and that their children were as naturally high as we were artificially, we simply turned and ran back inside the house, with no explanation whatsoever, which must have appeared very strange!

Later in therapy, and I’m not saying that Acid caused the need for therapy, I was informed that no two people who hallucinate at the same time after taking drugs, ever have the same hallucination! Having been a substance abuse counselor for more than 25 years, I have come to believe that that information was true! Our hallucinations are usually formed by our particular flavor of internal conversation and deep seated beliefs!

In my one of my future Blogs, I Will speak of UFO’s again, but this time I’ll be speaking of ‘Unidentified Forgiveness Opportunities which some of us believe can melt Karma like ice cream on a hot summers day!
This App will provide music, motivation, intending to lead artist and others from sight to insight!